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  • Design, construction, rehabilitation and optimization of sewage treatment systems.
  • Design and implementation of biological systems for the bioleeching of metals in mining.
  • Evaluation and design of processes of remediation and control of acidic waste.
  • Biorremediation of contaminated sites with Cyanide, metals, hidrocarbons, raw petroleum, Diesel, Gasoline, Grease, oil and organic matter.
  • Optimization of agricultural and acuicultural production through biological products.
  • Recirculation systems for aquaculture processes.
  • Executive sanitation projects.
  • Design and construction of wastewater treatment systems.
  • Systems of control and acquisition of treatment process data.
  • Software development for environmental application, parameter monitoring for scientific and engineering purposes.
  • Quantification of environmental damage, risk studies, technical justificative studies for the appropriate use of ground.
  • Hidrological studies.