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(Bps – Top) Mosquito and Fly Control

(Bps - Top)

Our product, Bps – Top, has as active compound the microorganism Bacillus Thuringiensis serotipo israelensis, which is a harmless bacteria for the human body, animals and plants, terrestrial or aquatic, but it is lethal for some diptheroid insects like the mosquito (genus Aedes, Anopbeles, Expeus, Culex, Chironomus and Psoropbora) and the black fly (Genus Simulium).

This product produces toxins that are effective in killing various species of mosquitoes and black fly, meanwhile there is almost no effect on other organisms. This product is applied in bodies of stagnant water where the mosquito and black fly reproduce, interrupting the life cycle of the organism without altering the ecology of other species in the body of water.