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Dredging, filling and sanitizing of marine sediment contaminated by heavy metals in the bay of Guaymas, Sonora. (Integral Port Administration of Guaymas).

Guaymas, Sonora. 2006.

Bioremediation of bioleaching pools and contaminated soil with hidrocarbons in mining (pangea pangea), Project: El Magistral.

Mocorito, Sinaloa. 2012.

Remediation of soil contaminated with diesel Perforaciones Falcon.

Aquila, Michoacan. 2010.

Design, construction, installation and running of residue treatment plants in mining camps.

Design and construction of purification plant for contaminated water with heavy metals in Bacanuchi, Arizpe municipality, Sonora.

Rio Sonora Trust, 2015.

Biodegradation of cyanide in mining tailings, Minera Corner Bay, Project: Álamo Dorado.

Álamos, Sonora. 2019.

Bioleaching of copper in columns. Mexicana de Cananea.

Cananea, Sonora. 2008.

Odor control in the sewage system of Tijuana.

CESPT, Baja California. 2009.