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(Bps – Bio) Sewage Treatment

(Bps – Bio)

Bps – Bio is a mixture of microorganisms formulated specifically to ease the treatment of sewage.

It contains bioorganisms with the capability of metabolizing most of the components present in residual water, like biosolids (sewage mud), proteins, grease and oil.

Our product can be used in any type of sewage treatment plants, be it oxidation ponds, biofilters or hybrid systems. Its continuous application helps stabilize and increase the capacity of the plant, for example, by reducing the formation of residual mud, lowering the energetic consumption by oxidation and controlling odors.

It raises the quality of the effluent, reducing the chemical and biochemical demand of oxygen, the totality of solids, grease and oil. It helps controlling odors and dredging organic matter in reservoirs and sumps.

In the case of treatment of industrial residual water, we have the capacity of developing products for every type of industry, for example the food and milk processing, alcohol, paper, chemical industries, among others.