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About us

We are centered on bringing innovative and sustainable results, detailing the approach taken specifically to the needs of our clients.

Above all, we seek the fulfillment of the following criteria:

Products and services

We partake only in solutions that are sustainable, with our main goal being, the betterment, renewal and growth of the ecosystem and conservation of the natural resources.


What is this process?

This technology consists of adding microorganisms with favorable metabolisms to further and hasten the biochemical process.

Our products consists in microbe populations specifically formulated to synergize with native microorganisms, by optimizing production and sanitary processes.

In case it is required, we formulate new products to meet the demands of a specific task:

Cases of application:
  • Increase of capacity.
  • Reduction of biosolids.
  • Odor control.
  • Nutrient control.

Characteristics of the utilized microorganisms.

  • Clasified by the ATCC as level 1 biosecurity.
  • No pathogens.
  • Not opportunists.
  • Not genetically transformed.
  • Auxiliary in productive processes.
  • They better the quality of water and increment the productivity in aquicultural farms.
  • Increase the recovery of metals through the process of bioleaching.
  • Increase productivity of agricultural farms.
  • Resolve environmental issues.
  • Capable of treating residue in the paper, dairy, brewing and food industries. As well as sewage systems.
  • Biorestauration of hidrocarbons, cyanide and heavy metals.
  • Odor control.
  • Grease, oil and fat digestion.
  • Biological control for plagues, like flies, mosquitoes and acuatic plants.

Endorsed by the CIGoM (Instituciones del consorcio de investigación del golfo de México)

What is the CIGoM?

The nucleus of the consortium consists in a group of experienced, specialized and trained, which includes more than 300 investigatios participating actively in the most recognized mexican institutions of investigation and education.